Commercial Series

The Chafe-Pro® HB Series is ideal for protecting a ship’s mooring lines from pier or chock abrasion chafe or protecting lines used in towing. The HB Series is constructed of multiple layers of FJORD, Inc.’s specially formulated and designed heavy-duty nylon weaves. The layering technique used in the HB Series is designed to provide maximum flexibility and ease of application, and also provide long chafe-resistant service. Typical application includes use in mooring/anchoring and towing operations.

Abrasion testing has shown the Chafe-Pro® HB Series to be more resistant to chafe abrasion than marine-grade fire hose and chafing gear made from such materials as HMW-PE (polyethylene), Kevlar, etc. This will protect your docking lines from chafe and abrasion for longer than any other, ensuring your expensive mooring lines have a long lifespan

The Chafe-Pro® HB Series chafe protectors are available in standard and custom lengths. The below listed units are recommended for mooring or anchor lines and for use on towing hawsers that are used for light to moderate strain applications. For heavy towing, we recommend our Viking Armor Tow Series. The HB Series abrasion protector may be custom ordered to fit any particular need, such as for use in an eye-splice or for different lengths or line sizes.

All models are downward compatible to line size and all dimensions are nominal. The standard color is black. Custom embroidering is available.

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Standard Lengths

Model # Description Dimension
08 Series
08-HB-02Fits lines 25 to 44mm in diameter60cm
08-HB-03Fits lines 25 to 44mm in diameter90cm
08-HB-04Fits lines 25 to 44mm in diameter120cm
08-HB-06Fits lines 25 to 44mm in diameter180cm
08-HB-08Fits lines 25 to 44mm in diameter240cm
08-HB-10Fits lines 25 to 44mm in diameter300cm
08-HB-12Fits lines 25 to 44mm in diameter360cm
08-HB-20Fits lines 25 to 44mm in diameter600cm
12 Series
12-HB-03Fits lines 40 to 60mm in diameter90cm
12-HB-04Fits lines 40 to 60mm in diameter120cm
12-HB-06Fits lines 40 to 60mm in diameter180cm
12-HB-08Fits lines 40 to 60mm in diameter240cm
12-HB-10Fits lines 40 to 60mm in diameter300cm
12-HB-12Fits lines 40 to 60mm in diameter360cm
12-HB-14Fits lines 40 to 60mm in diameter420cm
12-HB-20Fits lines 40 to 60mm in diameter600cm
16 Series
16-HB-04Fits lines 64 to 100mm in diameter120cm
16-HB-06Fits lines 64 to 100mm in diameter180cm
16-HB-08Fits lines 64 to 100mm in diameter240cm
16-HB-10Fits lines 64 to 100mm in diameter300cm
16-HB-12Fits lines 64 to 100mm″ in diameter360cm
16-HB-20Fits lines 64 to 100mm in diameter600cm