The Wooly was manufactured to prevent fender and dock lines from scuffing paint or gel coat finishes on yachts. As with all Chafe-Pro® products, the Wooly is designed to withstand the harshest of marine environments, as they are made from the highest quality New Zealand sheep skins. Installing in the same quick and easy fashion as all of our Chafe-Pro products, the Wooly can be installed or removed from a line in a matter of seconds. Don’t worry about slipping out of place, the Wooly binds securely to the line. Designed to match the elegance of the yachts it protects, the Wooly ensures that your yacht will have that “ship shape” look!  And, unlike other types of fluffy chafing gear made from woven fabric, the Wooly will not trap sand or grit within it but will also never bleed their color.

Wooly Care

Although the Chafe-Pro® Wooly has been designed to withstand the harsh marine environments, please read and follow the care instructions to avoid potential color loss and to help extend the life.

Read these instructions here.

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Standard Lengths

Model # Description Dimension
04 Series - 18"                          10 to 16mm Line Diameter
CPW-18-SWSingle White45cm
CPW-18-SBSingle Black45cm
CPW-18-PWPair White45cm
CPW-18-PBPair Black45cm
04 Series - 30"                          10 to 16mm Line Diameter
CPW-30-SWSingle White75cm
CPW-30-SBSingle Black75cm
CPW-30-PWPair White75cm
CPW-30-PBPair Black75cm
05 Series                                  18 to 24mm Line Diameter
05-CPW-03Single - Black or White90cm
05-CPW-04Single - Black or White120cm
05-CPW-06Single - Black or White180cm
06 Series                                   24 to 32mm Line Diameter
06-CPW-03Single - Black or White90cm
06-CPW-04Single - Black or White120cm
06-CPW-06Single - Black or White180cm
08 Series                                   32 to 40mm Line Diameter
08-CPW-03Single - Black or White90cm
08-CPW-04Single - Black or White120cm
08-CPW-06Single - Black or White180cm