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Piers” (Guernsey,UK). I wonder if you could help, please? I have been using Chafe-Pro on my Trawler yacht (Fleming 55) for the last three years and they are superb.
Now I’m after some that are 6″ x 24″. Can you make these for me?
Best regards,
Piers” (Guernsey,UK) – July 2014

“…TAMS have used the Chafe Pro product on a few different applications to date and have found it to be bullet proof.   Casey Crozier of SWOS in Houston showed me your product April 2013. I was impressed with the application to a spliced eye and even more impressed at the snug fit, solid securing hook and loop Velcro and after using the first could not believe its strength and overall resistance to wear and chafe.Also the application of handles on the outside of the rope eye, this is great as I have been present during injuries to hands and fingers from tensioned ropes on bollards.

 –          We have used to date the chafe guard on 48mm grommet bridle for cyclone mooring to protect the rope from the UV, chafe, shackle snag pins and daily handling issues.

 –          For extra chafe guard fitted to Turbo 75 which was passing through the staple of a tug vessel to act as a secondary protection, which could also be removed and used on the tugs mooring lines.

 –          Lastly to date to fit to a 30mtr length of 120mm Nylon Superstrong. This line had been supplied with a Polyester braided guard, the style that is fitted during fabrication. This was a messy style of guard as its strands regularly collected rocks and snag points as it spanned over a limestone rock wall at a wharf edge. The decision to use the Chafe pro was my own after seeing the product at SWOS and I was pleased that I could send specific measurements and request extra hook and loop as required to ensure a snug fit for the guard. This guard effectively ensured the rope would not have to be changed out until the end of the job and it saved my client allot of time and money in not having to source a long lead time replacement line.

…The chafe pro guarded Nylon actually slipped between 2 limestone rocks of approx 3-4ft diameter so I halted the winch tensioning, we were not able to rectify the snag so I gave it a go and tensioned the winch up until the rope snagged under the rock managed to dislodge the limestone rock and catapult it over the edge into the water. I was concerned with the condition of the rope and guard but after inspection notice only the limestone dust on the chafe pro fabric and no damage whatsoever to the heavy external webbing.

I could talk all day, but in summary the Chafe pro really is the best option for built to suit, application after fabrication and all problems solved chafe guard on the market. I really do enjoy the product and am glad that Casey bought it to my attention while I was visiting the SWOS plant.” – TAMS Group, West Australia, June 2014


Capt. Al McClennaghan, Unlimited Master – Oceans. My crew finds the use of Chafe-Pro easy to install on our mooring lines. We have cruised extensively throughout the South Pacific islands this past year where many of our moorings were made to rough edged cement piers. We relied on Chafe-Pro to protect our mooring lines – it never let us down.” Capt. Al McClennaghan, Unlimited Master – Oceans ~ R/V Thompson

Capt. J. P Friedman, Master. We tried other chafing gear made from HMPE type materials and found it unsatisfactory for protecting our mooring lines from chafe. Our Chafe-Pro units have lasted more than two years and still have not shown any signs of significant wear.” Capt. J. P Friedman, Master ~ F/V Pacific Breeze

Capt. Gerry Cooper, Unlimited Master – Oceans. I think this is an excellent product which, when used properly, can save the user a tremendous amount of wear & tear & money.” Capt. Gerry Cooper, Unlimited Master – Oceans ~ Tug Janet Catherine

Practical Sailor. We tried Chafe-Pro in various applications and found them to be flexible, abrasion resistant, and easy to use…we found this to be an excellent product that conformed tightly to bends and resisted chafe well.” Practical Sailor ~ April 2009

Capt. Jurgen Unterberg, Ph.D., General Manager. Since we began using your Chafe-Pro line protectors on our fleet of purse-seine fishing vessels, our captains have reported a significant reduction in line replacement and line splicing effort required due to chafe and breakage. Additionally, the chief engineers have been using your Hydraulic Hose Protectors out on deck to protect the exposed hydraulic hoses from chafe abrasion and also to protect them from the harsh equatorial tropical sun that they experience in the western Pacific Ocean. They tell me that they love the ease of application and its effectiveness in protecting the hoses from UV radiation. I would have no hesitation in recommending your products to other operators of commercial fishing vessels.” Capt. Jurgen Unterberg, Ph.D., General Manager, Pacific & Majestic Fisheries, LLC, GUAM

Capt. Gerold Cooper, Port Captain. Over the past few months, we have used you Ship Tow units numerous times while towing ships and barges. We also used your Chafe-Pro Commercial Grade units to protect our nylon anchor lines. During each use, the crew was able to apply the unit quickly and easily, without much effort or delay. The units are flexible enough for the crew to easily adjust its position along the line as needed. When the line was taken to the capstan, the unit accompanied the line around the capstan without jamming. The fabric of the unit held up very well during repeated use on rough surfaces. Seaward Services is very pleased with the quality of your product. The units have saved our equipment a significant amount of wear and tear.” Capt. Gerold Cooper, Port Captain, Seaward Services Ocean Towing Operations

“Gone through 2 hurricanes, Great on my 39ft sailboat. Have four and they went through Irene and Sandy without any indication of wear or tear. They fit both my diameter lines and are easily adjusted up or down on the lines.” December 28, 2012.  Steve K. (St. Louis, MO, US)


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