Chafe-Pro® Features


Ease of Installation/Removal: Chafe-Pro is hand wrapped around the line to be protected. It can be installed on lines already in position.
No Lacing/Lashing of Lines Required: Chafe-Pro uses a unique arrangement of nylon hooks to hold it in its protective position.
High Resistance to Abrasion: Chafe-Pro, made from marine grade abrasion-resistant polyester and nylon textiles, is designed to protect lines and boats from abrasion.
UV Protection: Chafe-Pro units are resistant to damage from UV radiation.
Mildew Resistant: Chafe-Pro units will not deteriorate from the effects of mildew.
High Flexibility: Chafe-Pro can be installed in an eye-splice turned on a capstan or windlass, or heaved through a chock.
Additional Applications:
  • Keep lines coiled
  • Cover shroud/stay turnbuckles
  • Keep sails furled on booms
  • Rock & mountain climbing
  • High-rise window washing