Hydraulic Hose Covers

Chafe-Pro® Hydraulic-Hose Covers are designed to protect hydraulic hoses from destruction caused by long exposure to UV radiation, the elements, from cutting, and chafe abrasion. Chafe-Pro is constructed of a layer of tough non-porous ballistic nylon that is used in our commercial-grade marine chafing gear. FJORD’s Hydraulic-Hose Covers provide additional protection from leaks as they will act as a barrier against a leak from spraying (i.e. forming a mist) which could result in a fire if such a mist was to come in contact with an ignitable source. Chafe-Pro® Hydraulic-Hose Covers will minimize the potential of leaked high-pressure hydraulic fluids from coming in contact with heated surfaces or nearby personnel.

FJORD’s unique patented system permits the installation of our covers on hose lines without having to remove a hose from its system. Chafe-Pro® Hydraulic-Hose Covers are attached to the hose with a “hook and loop” closure. The ends of the cover are secured to the hose fittings with two nylon tie-wraps. The inspection or servicing of a hose line is easy, as all that is required is to cut the nylon tie-wraps and undo the closure.

Both the installation and removal of a Chafe-Pro® cover is easily accomplished by an individual within a matter of minutes.

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Standard Lengths

Model # Description Dimension
COV-05½″ – 1″
COV-061″ – 1¼″
COV-081¼″ – 2″
COV-092″ – 2½″
COV-112½″ – 3″
COV-133″ – 3½″
COV-153½″ – 4″