Eye Units

Chafe-Pro® Eye Units are designed for ease of application and removal. In just a few minutes, a single person can remove or install an Eye Unit. It can be installed or removed from the eye without having to undo the splice. No lacing or lashing of lines is required as each Eye Unit comes with FJORD’s special patented locking feature. All Eye Units are sold by the foot and they are designed to fit line sizes from 1 ½” to 2 ½” in diameter.

The Eye Units units are coated with FJORD, Inc.’s Viking Armor, a proprietary blend of water-based polyester, urethane and other abrasion resistant properties. This coating aids in holding the nylon weave together in areas where the chafing gear is stressed most by friction.

All Eye Units are custom ordered by the foot and designed to fit line sizes from 1” – 5” in diameter.

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The Thor Guard® device is a one-piece unit that encloses both the splice and the eye of the line.  It offers Thor Guard crop 3a  continuous layer of abrasion resistant material without a break in protection at the transition from the eye to the splice.

Standard Lengths

Model # Description Dimension
HB EYE-12Fits lines 25 to 44mm in diameterper meter
HB EYE-14Fits lines 44 to 64mm in diameterper meter
HB EYE-16Fits lines 64 to 100mm in diameterper meter
HB EYE-18Fits lines 100 to 126mm in diameterper meter