Who Uses Chafe-Pro®

Chafe-Pro was designed primarily for use by the US Coast Guard & US Navy more than twenty years ago; it still remains their first choice in protecting mooring and towing lines from chafe abrasion.  Today Chafe-Pro protects the lines used on personal watercraft to those used on supertankers and aircraft carriers.

Chafe-Pro is currently protecting the lines on over 95% of the US Coast Guard fleet, and is in use on more than 75 US Navy vessels.  In addition,  America’s Tall Ship, the USCGC Eagle, and “Old Ironside,” the USS Constitution, both protect their mooring lines with Chafe-Pro.

Chafe-Pro Customers Include

US Government: Navy, Coast Guard, Army, Military Sealift Command, NOAA, MARAD, Marine Police
Foreign Government:  Military & Civilian Sectors
Others: Offshore & Inshore Towing Industry, Ship-Assist & Ship-Tow
Operations, Ferry Companies (Domestic & Foreign), Casino
Boats, Luxury Yachts, Pleasure Boats, Personal Watercraft
Rock & Mountain Climbers
High-rise Window Washers


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