Since the inception of Chafe-Pro, we have continued to improve the product line and we are acknowledged as innovators in our industry. Chafe-Pro is regarded today as the best marine chafe protection device on the market. We attribute that success to our customers, because we have listened to their suggestions; many of which we have incorporated into the Chafe-Pro product line. Our experienced design and manufacturing team have an excellent reputation for quickly responding to customer requests for special line protection applications.

Chafe-Pro® dock line protectors are used on over 95% of the US Coast Guard Cutter fleet and more than 75 US Navy vessels, Military Sealift Command and NOAA, as well as being used on many foreign naval vessels.

Chafe-Pro also protects the lines of America’s Tall Ship, the US Coast Guard Cutter Eagle and Old Ironside, the USS Constitution. The USCGC Eagle is the training ship for future Coast Guard officers at the US Coast Guard Academy in New London, CT. In addition, a large number of US Coast Guard shore stations use our Yacht Grade units for their smaller vessels. Chafe-Pro is not only the first choice in line protection used by the US military, but it is also the first choice of many shipping and towing companies to protect both their mooring and towing hawsers.

Today Chafe-Pro is used to protect the mooring lines that are being used to secure large passenger ships such as the SS United States, former flagship of the US Merchant Marine, at her permanent mooring. Our various Chafe-Pro® units are in use by many foreign flag operated towing companies to protect their towing and ship assist lines.

For over fifteen years FJORD, Inc. has been contracted to supply Chafe-Pro to US Government agencies and contractors.