VAST – Ship Tow

Our Viking Armor Ship Tow (VAST) Series was designed to protect tow lines under heavy strains. This series is constructed of thick industrial grade nylon webbing and is designed to protect lines used specifically for towing operations. These units are coated with FJORD, Inc.’s Viking Armor, a proprietary blend of water-based polyester, urethane and other abrasion resistant properties. This coating aids in holding the nylon weave together in areas where the chafing gear is stressed most by friction.  The VAST is fixed to the line with industrial strength nylon hooks to keep it from slipping out of it’s protective position.

Like all Chafe-Pro® products, the VAST Series can be fit to a line or shifted on a line within a matter of seconds by an individual. In addition, the VAST Series is light in weight and it will remain flexible to accommodate severe towing angles.

The VAST Series is sold by the foot with models that will accommodate lines 1 ½” – 4 ½” in diameter.

The standard color is yellow.

Feel free to send us an email if you have any questions or want to get a quote.

Standard Lengths

Model # Description Dimension
VAST-121½″ – 2½″
VAST-162½″ – 3½″
VAST-183½″ – 4″
VAST-204” –  4½″