Docking line chafe protection.

Your docking lines may need some help to protect them from chafe and abrasion. Docking lines often run over sharp edges and rough surfaces. This can you destroy even the best docking line in a couple cycles, especially when heavily loaded on big yachts.

So how do you protect them?

In an ideal world your docking line wouldn’t run over sharp edges, corners or rough surfaces. Unfortunately most docks or ports have big and rough boulders. They make life very hard for the cover (if installed) of your docking line.

A docking line chafe cover is specially designed with abrasive resistant materials. A chafe cover will take up the dirty work keeping you docking lines safe, ensuring their longevity and reliability.

chafe-pro europe

docking line chafe protection for chafe-pro europe

Installation of the cover is very easy, you can either eye splice them on your new docking line, or use a cover with a “Velcro” fixture. Making it easy to inspect or replace.